Pakistan Keeps Growing

The Next Asian Tiger

Pakistan has all the characteristics to become one of the most powerful economies in the world. Most recently Morgan Stanley included Pakistan for the first time ever in their MSCI Emerging Markets Index. In the last 10 years, Pakistan’s growth has outperformed its neighbors and most of the worlds markets.


As the seventh largest country in the world with a population of c. 220 million people and a youth population of approximately 52.0% of the people under the age of 24, Pakistan is poised to be one of the largest retail markets of the world. The median age in developed markets is 41, while in Pakistan it is currently 23 years old.


Not only does Pakistan have one of the largest populations in the world, it also has a big middle class population which is expected to increase by another 11.0 million households by 2025. There are 5.6 million households which are expected to enter the US$ 20-70K income group and 4.8 million households expected to enter the US$ 7.5-20k income group.


In addition to the growing middle class Pakistani population is targeted at moving into urban areas. Tier-1 cities such as Karachi and Lahore are seeing massive population migrations moving into cities from outside, rural areas. Gwadar, is going to play a key role in the country’s future as it is the gateway to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Gwadar property has become one of the key investment areas for foreigners to gain from this urbanization boom. Gwadar Port Pakistan will see a major increase in population once industries are set up and the port is 100.0% operational.


The Pakistani economy has grown significantly in the last ten years and is expected to continue this growth trajectory for the next few decades. One example of growth is the Karachi Stock Exchange which has grown over 400.0% in the last 5 years, outperforming any other market in the world. China is playing a very big role in Pakistan’s growth going forward through their US$ 62.0 billion investment into the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. There are numerous Gwadar housing schemes due to the fact that Gwadar is the key gateway city for CPEC. International Port City community gives investors a chance to own Gwadar plots whilst offering its residents top-class facilities and services.